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A Bit Nutty

Gerald, a stranger who works for the business that just acquired my company, is visiting from Sydney to conduct some training sessions. This morning when he went to buy himself a coffee, he was nice enough to pick one up for me as well. At some point during the training, he stood up to draw something on the whiteboard and put his cup down beside mine. A moment later, I took a sip of my drink. It tasted a bit nutty. So, I had another taste. Then I realised that I was drinking soy milk, which means that this was not my coffee… which means that this was his coffee. So, I’m just sitting there drinking this guy’s coffee.

Then I figure I should probably say something, since at least one of the other three people in the room would probably notice if I didn’t. So, I say, “Oh, umm, sorry Gerald, I accidentally drank out of your coffee cup.” He bursts out a totally OTT, “EWW,” grabs it from my hand, pulls the lid off, discards it but flinging it across the table, and proceeds to finish his drink without it.

I’m pretty sure the next thing I did was make an inappropriate joke about nuts, though the specifics escape me.


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