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Pot des Arts – The Lock Bridge

Last time I was in Paris, I was without James and third wheeling with poor Matt and Harmony. Sadly, this meant having a solo photo on the Pont des Arts Bridge (the famous lock bridge – photo for reference). So more than anything, the one activity I wanted to do with James in Paris when we finally made it there together was to get a photo on the lock bridge, not looking like a loner.

With much anticipation from me, we made our voyage to the bridge … and arrived to find that attaching padlocks is now banned! The original bridge had been replaced with Perspex to prevent people from attaching locks to it…. of course.

After coming to terms with my bitter disappointment, we were leaving the bridge and happened upon a definitely completely reputable and not at all questionable man selling padlocks for five Euros each. Much to James’ chagrin, I covertly purchased one and forced him to join the handful of others who’d hooked them onto the bridge’s light posts. YOLO.

I made sure I got one without keys so that it would be locked forever… sorry James ?







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