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Good Chat

Today I called QScan to book in a CT for my foot.

Christine: Have you had imagery done on your brain before?
Me: Yes.
Christine: When?
Me: I don’t know, probably about 5 years ago now.
Christine: Did you keep the images; we’d like you to bring them in.
Me: ahhh, no I don’t think I have them anymore…
Christine: Mmm, you should have kept those. I’ll need you to fast for 3 hours before the scan.
Me: Okay.
Christine: Also, we want you to be nice and hydrated so keep the water up.
Me: Okay.
Christine: Now, what’s the name of your doctor. I’ll see if I can get a copy of those old brain scans.
Me: Ummm, is that necessary? I’m getting my foot scanned.
Christine: oh, your FOOT?
Me: Yes. When I had the brain scans, they didn’t find anything.
Christine: Seems like I’d get the same result… which foot is it?
Me: Left.
Christine: Okay, got it… don’t bother fasting or hydrating, you don’t need to do that for a foot.
Me: Cool.

Good chat.


Predatory Awkwardness

Board the plane and sit down in my aisle seat. There’s a not unattractive guy about my age sitting in the window seat. The middle seat is empty – that’s promising! I look at him, smile, slow nod with a twinkle of excitement in my eye, and say, “I wonder if we can get lucky?”



New person in my office who I’ve spoken to maybe twice: I’m turning 65 soon!
Me: Really? You’re not going to retire, are you? I hear that’s a really good way to speed up your death.


… You try to help someone..

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Driving down the road with James, ‘Easy’ by The Commodores comes on.

Me: You’re like a Sunday morning babe, easy.
James: Thanks. You’re like a Monday morning, hard work.

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How’s the Serenity?

James allowed me to take the golf buggy, unattended, up to the shop while he warmed up for his round. As I came back down the hill, the path still wet from the overnight cold, I ‘tapped’ the brakes and did a massive burnout into the peace of the early morning, causing every human and kangaroo within a two-hundred metre radius to turn and stare at me.
I’M HEEEEEERE EVERYONE! Just in case you were wondering!

People in General

I’ve just started a new job and this week spent some time in the Melbourne office. Today I went to a coffee meeting with a Senior Manager I had met for the first time literally 2 minutes beforehand. He asked me where I’d prefer to go? The busy place we were walking past, or somewhere quieter further down the road. I replied, “Well I don’t like people, so let’s go to the one down the road.” He stared at me blankly. So, I added “I mean… I like you… you’re fine… just… you know… people in general…”

He smiled quizzically, nodded slowly and changed the subject.

As a good friend pointed out, perhaps the word “crowds” would have been more appropriate than “people” (though decidedly less accurate).


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