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Good Chat Today I called QScan to book in a CT for my foot. Christine: Have you had imagery done on your brain before? Me: Yes. Christine: When? Me: I don’t know, probably about 5 years ago now. Christine: Did you keep the images; we’d like you to bring them in. Me: ahhh, no I

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Make Your Own Sandwich

Regrettably, I have started to let my true self show at my new job. Yesterday I was making a toasted sandwich in the kitchen. One of the team came in and said, “ooh are you making toasted sandwiches!?!” And I was like, “Well, no, I’m making myself a toasted sandwich… I really don’t want to

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My Lucky Penny

We decided that 5:30pm on the day before New Year’s Eve was a good time to travel from Leicester Square Tube Station to Heathrow Airport. The fact that it was a Saturday did not seem to have a (positive) impact on the rush hour crowds. As I’m already in trouble for having “way too much

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A Bit Nutty

Gerald, a stranger who works for the business that just acquired my company, is visiting from Sydney to conduct some training sessions. This morning when he went to buy himself a coffee, he was nice enough to pick one up for me as well. At some point during the training, he stood up to draw

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Slice of Death

This year, I inherited a team to manage at work. We’ve all had a massive and, to be blunt, traumatic 6 months together after our company was acquired by a soul-less Big Corporate. To show my gratitude for their efforts over a tough time, I thought I would give them something yummy, homemade and from

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Why Did You Do This?

Today is possibly a new world record for my utter incompetence at just generally existing in the world. I have been blonde for a total of 30 hours and so far, let me tell you, if anything, it’s LESS fun. This morning, while rushing around the house to get to the airport for the 7am

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The Quiet Carriage

I phoned my best friend Harmony while standing on the train platform and boarded the train on the last carriage when it arrived. I figured the people who got on at the end of the train did so because it was always quieter in there, so I thoughtfully decided to walk to the next carriage

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