The Becks files .


This space is dedicated to sharing the stories and musings from my ridiculous life, in the hope that it inspires you to do the same. The human experience is full of twists and turns and the more we find and share the humour, joy, love, loss and lessons in our stories, the more connected we become. If I’ve learned anything from my years long commitment to self-deprecating humour, it’s that the more honest you’re willing to be about your own shit-show, the more other people are willing to see and share the humour in their own. We’re all muddling through this existence the best way we know how; for me, this generally involves an incredible lack of grace, a profound awkwardness and a consistent ineptitude for peopleing. Nothing in life is easy and I believe it was designed that way – how dull things would be without all the insanity.

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