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For years I have posted about real moments from my life that leave people wondering if I am making things up. I can assure you; I am not. Here is a selection of the back catalogue of these anecdotes, and where the (I am sure plentiful) future editions will reside. Enjoy.

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Double, Double Toil & Trouble

The surgical procedure I had today required them to remove the broken bone from my foot. This bone has been causing me chronic pain for 8 months now and by the time I permanently take off Walt the Moon Boot, this will have been going on for just shy of a year. This, as well as feeling it could make a really quirky and fun piece of jewellery slash conversation starter, is why I asked the surgeon if I could keep it. He was not impressed. Look – when you cut a baby out of someone in a C-section, they’re allowed to keep it, right? I’m not clear on the details here, so correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t have any babies and that foot bone is probably the closest thing I’m gonna get; it’s from my body and as far as I’m concerned, it belongs to me! Buuuut, ...
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Good Chat Today I called QScan to book in a CT for my foot. Christine: Have you had imagery done on your brain before? Me: Yes. Christine: When? Me: I don’t know, probably about 5 years ago now. Christine: Did you keep the images; we’d like you to bring them in. Me: ahhh, no I don’t think I have them anymore… Christine: Mmm, you should have kept those. I’ll need you to fast for 3 hours before the scan. Me: Okay. Christine: Also, we want you to be nice and hydrated so keep the water up. Me: Okay. Christine: Now, what’s the name of your doctor. I’ll see if I can get a copy of those old brain scans. Me: Ummm, is that necessary? I’m getting my foot scanned. Christine: oh, your FOOT? Me: Yes. When I had the brain scans, they didn’t find anything. Christine: Seems like I’d get ...
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Make Your Own Sandwich

Regrettably, I have started to let my true self show at my new job. Yesterday I was making a toasted sandwich in the kitchen. One of the team came in and said, “ooh are you making toasted sandwiches!?!” And I was like, “Well, no, I’m making myself a toasted sandwich… I really don’t want to become part of this culture of making each other lunch… it’s too much pressure… I just want to be free to do whatever I need to at lunchtime without having to worry about what everyone else is doing… it’s just not something I want to have to consider… I don’t want to be part of any ‘lunch club’…I managed to avoid that for 9 years in my last job… I just want to go for walks or to the shops and be free to do that without being tied down to anything…” Wide eyed and ...
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Pot des Arts – The Lock Bridge

Last time I was in Paris, I was without James and third wheeling with poor Matt and Harmony. Sadly, this meant having a solo photo on the Pont des Arts Bridge (the famous lock bridge – photo for reference). So more than anything, the one activity I wanted to do with James in Paris when we finally made it there together was to get a photo on the lock bridge, not looking like a loner. With much anticipation from me, we made our voyage to the bridge … and arrived to find that attaching padlocks is now banned! The original bridge had been replaced with Perspex to prevent people from attaching locks to it…. of course. After coming to terms with my bitter disappointment, we were leaving the bridge and happened upon a definitely completely reputable and not at all questionable man selling padlocks for five Euros each. Much to ...
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My Lucky Penny

We decided that 5:30pm on the day before New Year’s Eve was a good time to travel from Leicester Square Tube Station to Heathrow Airport. The fact that it was a Saturday did not seem to have a (positive) impact on the rush hour crowds. As I’m already in trouble for having “way too much crap,” I was acutely aware that James was saddled up like a pack horse and pushing my large bag, frequently commenting that, due to its weight, it must contain a dead body. After navigating several flights of stairs down into the main station, we made our way to the wide gate where James swiped his Oyster care and walked through to the other side with all our gear. I swiped my card twice and got a red signal both times, then got told to stand back by a very chipper Tube worker. After she swiped ...
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Early Birds Don’t Always Get the Worm

The crescendo to my generally unpleasant day… James is on a golf trip this weekend. I dropped him at a friend’s place in Logan early this morning and then got caught in traffic going back into the city. I decided that rather than go past work to get home, park, walk the 15 minutes to the train, spend another 20 on the train, then 10 walking to office, I’d just park in the city this one time as a treat. I have literally never before driven to work in the CBD. It costs a fortune and I hate being in the peak hour traffic. I had a late meeting today, so I decided I’d head off early and join it from home. I left work, grabbed some groceries to feed tonight’s guests, lugged everything to the train station, sat through the whole journey, lugged everything home (hot, bothered, irritated by ...
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